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Thrive Quiz Builder — WordPress Plugins

Why is Thrive Quiz Builder So Awesome?

Discover how we've turned the powerfully engaging quiz (Thrive Quiz Builder) into a potent way to grow your business.

The Thrive Quiz Builder adds powerful functionality to your WordPress Blog without having to know how to code.

It’s actually rather simple to use.

But the power to grow your business is simply awesome.

Here is a quick summary of how you can improve your traffic, leads and conversions using Thrive Quiz Builder:​

Built in Badge Creator​

Thrive Quiz Builder
  • Built in social media sizing. Choose Facebook and the badge will be optimized for Facebook. You never have to open Photoshop to resize.

Create badges people will actually want to share.

  • Forget margins, padding and CSS - move elements anywhere without restriction.
  • Upload images, resize them, add text with any formatting, set background color and opacity to get the exact look you want.

All of this creates the viral effect you want.

Discover What Your Visitors Are Interested In

Write more relevant blog post or articles to help them with your prospects problem.

  • This increases your conversion
  • Increases Your leads
  • And it will increase your income

Offer Them Content Based on Their Interests

With Thrive Quiz Builder's dynamic content you can take action on your visitor's answers on the spot by showing them different content on the results page based on what answers they gave during the quiz.

The dynamic content can be anything from a personalized recommendation about what to read next on your site, to product recommendations or affiliate links that are highly targeted and relevant to this individual visitor’s interests.​

Segment Your Visitors Based On Their Interests

There’s nothing more frustrating than painstakingly building a mailing list, crafting the perfect email, hitting send and then seeing low open rates, low click through rates and feeling like your audience doesn’t care about what you’re sending them.

This is a very common problem and it happens when you throw all of your subscribers into the same bucket.

Segment them based on their answers and deliver exactly what interests them.

This drives conversion through the roof!​

A/B Test at Critical Stages to Increase Quiz Conversions

Thrive Quiz Builder is built to create conversion optimized quizzes.

That’s why, with this plugin, you can A/B test and optimize each of the critical stages in a quiz.​

You can A/B test the splash page, to find the best layout to get more people to start the quiz.

A/B test the opt-in gate or opt-in forms on your results page to get higher optin-conversion rates and grow your list faster.

In addition, you can even A/B test the result page content and layout to get more social shares.​

I could go on and on. Make sure you watch the video as I demo the Thrive Quiz Builder WordPress Plugin.

Thrive Quiz Builder is an excellent tool to help build your business online with WordPress.

I hope you found value from this post?  If you did, please share, using the social buttons around the site.

If you have feedback, a question or a comment, please use the comment section below.​

Thrive Quiz Builder

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I'm a huge fan of the Thrive Themes and Plugins.

Bottom-line, these resources have improved my business.

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Turbo Charge Your Wordpress Blog Into a Traffic Sucking, Lead Generating, and Conversion Machine.  Use These Wordpress Videos To Take Your Wordpress Blog to the Next Level!

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