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About WordPress Blog Income

WordPress Blog Income was developed out of necessity to save time and frustration.  

  • Out of Necessity
  • Save Time and Frustration
  • Business Killed

I developed WordPress Blog Income out of necessity!

It's actually funny when I think about what happened.

But to be honest, when it actually happened, it was not funny at all and it killed my business for a little while.

​I'll get to that in a moment...

​But first let me explain what WordPress Blog Income is designed to do, or more importantly how it helps WordPress users.

Greg Meares

This is me in El Nido, Palawan, Philippines!

WordPress Video To Improve Your Results

WordPress Video Modules Available

WordPress Site Creation

13 Videos Focused On Proper WordPress Set-up. It's Not Too Late To Fix It!

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Demographics & Branding

10 Videos That Show You How To Determine Your Demographics and Set-up Appropriate Branding.

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Website Conversions

10 Videos that teach you how to turn website visitors into buyers, must watch videos.

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Traffic & Engagement

12 Videos that show you how to generate traffic and customer engagement. This is a powerful series!

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List Building

Building a list is easy when you use the 10 videos in this module.  Jump-start your list building today.

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Customizing WordPress

9 Videos on Using and Customizing WordPress. Develop your site the way you want and they way you need to for profitability.

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SEO and Tracking

6 valuable Videos that provides expert advice on setting up your site SEO friendly and also how to track your traffic.

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Your Solution Is Here!

The solution to saving time and eliminating frustration has been identified. Each module mentioned above is designed to help you achieve your goals in each critical area of building a successful blog that generates cash for you day-in and day out.  Check Out The Videos Here!